We provide a complete service related to Web Site Design and Web Applications Development. In every case we provide a free of charge initial consultation.

Our services are comprehensive - from Analysis through Design to Final Approval, you will get a quality service at a reasonable and justifiable cost.

Our prices start from as low as 75.00 for a web site. Whilst our prices for E-Commerce projects start from as little as 195.00. So regardless of what the scale of your project, you can rest assured of a quality job at a reaonble price, combined with excellent before, during and after sales service. So contact us with details of your requirements by phone/email/online enquiry form.

Web Design

We provide quality web site design services, hosting and domain name solutions as well as other services. We have value for money web site packages for new businesses and established companies.

Web Design Specialization

We are proffessionals and use the following technologies to create websites:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Usability Design
  • Accessibility Design

All of these go to provide a website that is both user and maintenance friendly.

Website Maintenance

Websites that are regularly updated with fresh content get more traffic and more traffic means more business! Having out-dated information or broken links on a Web site, not only hurts your image but also discourages repeat visitors. It is essential to keep you site as up-to-date as possible.

E Commerce

Cequin provides full service e-commerce solutions including website development and hosting, order management, system integration, fulfillment, e-marketing and customer service.

Intranet Applications

Enterprise wide intranet applications can enable an organisation to put their day to day workflow,employee services, message boards online for better communication and interaction.

Web Applications

Application development has undergone a transition over the last few years, with the imigration of applications from traditional client/server designs to the Internet - Web Applications

Application Specialization

We can create specialised applications for you using the cut-in technologies like:

  • ASP.net
  • VB.net
  • C#
  • MS SQL server 2000
  • Access
  • MySQL
  • XML Web Services
  • Integration of Legacy System

Search Engine Optimization

When performed by a qualified,experienced search engine optimization consultant, optimizing your site for high search engine rankings really does work!

Search Engine Submission

If you want a deep and fast web site submission across the web, this is the service you need. We will perform submission of your web site to numerous search engines.

Pay Per Click Campaign

Another great way to attract targeted traffic is through Pay-Per-Click Search Engines. Learn how PPC search engines work and why you should consider using them to attract new customers.

Search Engine Specialization

We do search engine specialisations like:
Campaign & ROI monitoring,
Content and structure,
Copy writing.