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About Cequin Ltd
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About Cequin Ltd

We have been in software engineering for the last 15 years. In this time We have covered Database applications and Point Of Sale systems. We have also provided turn key solutions to Industry in the form of Industrial Automation and Plant monitoring.

For the last three years more and more of our work has involved the internet and utilisation of this medium to fullfil the usual day to day business needs ie sales, information dissipation etc

We have carried out successful projects for the following companies / organizations:

  • Yorkshire Water
  • Costain Construction
  • North Midland Construction
  • United Business Solutions Ltd
  • UKIM
  • Kensington Freak
  • Read Foundation
  • Casa Howard
  • Forsheda
  • Visteon
  • Denso

Due to our engineering past, We take great care in how We tackle any project, ie every project regardless of size will be approached as follows:

  • Analysis Stage To determine the client's requirements
  • Feasibility & Quotation Stage Are the requirements feasible, if so supply a quote, otherwise detail potential problems.
  • Specification Detailed specification of the requirements
  • Design Outline design and approval
  • Development The application or Web Site is developed
  • Final Approval The application or Web Site is deployed
  • Submission To Search Engines
  • Maintenance and Monitoring Maintenance and Monitoring of the WebSite, if required

Some of the above steps may be combined or expanded depending on the size of the project

Our bottom line gaurantee is that If you are not happy with the result - then you don't pay anything (and you don't get anything!)